Danson Construction is made up of general contracting experts proficient with, and experienced in, a variety of project types. Though they range in complexity and size, each project is approached with the same level of high priority, and the same emphasis on thoughtful solutions.  The projects with asterisks (*) were completed by Danson Construction team members while with other firms. 

Municipal Government
For over 35 years, the team of experts at Danson Construction has been aiding municipalities in the State of Arizona by delivering projects on time and well within budget. We work with the project delivery methods, be they competitive bid, design/build, and construction management at risk, that work best for our clients.  Whether it’s a firehouse, police station, emergency response center, library or civic center, we build facilities that enhance communities throughout Arizona. 

Our understanding of how our client sees education is what sets us apart.  We take special care in listening to the educational team’s goals for the project, the faculty and its students.  And, in every instance, we meet these goals without disrupting the flow of education for the teachers and student body.

Commercial, Retail and Auto
From automotive to anchor retailer and everything in between, Danson Construction works to understand our client’s business and their brand.  We know the right building can enhance that brand. And, we understand that the quicker it’s up and running, the quicker the client sees profit.  Our relationships with municipal government entities and our knowledge in local ordinances help speed up the process to facilitate the perfectly-timed Grand Opening.

Hospitality and Recreation
Danson Construction knows that, for these clients, the customer experience is everything.  We work hand in hand with our clients and their design teams to create exceptional experiences that make our clients profitable and proud.

Multi-Family and Senior Living
The construction of living spaces that enhances the inhabitant’s quality of life demands an adherence to both form and function. Danson Construction has an unsurpassed level of expertise that exceeds the expectations for aesthetics, code compliance, project budget and schedule.